Group Therapy

A psycho-educational approach is utilized in the group setting. Groups are provided for substance abuse, trauma recovery, parent training, anger control and other issues as needed.

Bay City Classes

Monday 9:30 AM Substance Abuse
6:00 PM Substance Abuse (2 groups)
11:00AM Substance Abuse Orientation
Wednesday 11 AM Women’s Substance Abuse Group
2:30 PM Substance Abuse
4:30 PM Domestic Violence
6 PM Domestic Violence
Thursday 4:00 PM Domestic Violence – Orientation (1st Thursday of the Month)

Saginaw Classes

Monday 11:00 AM Women’s Substance Abuse
Tuesday 9:00 AM Substance Abuse
11:00 AM Women’s Addiction
11:00 Men’s MIDSTATE
12:30 PM Men’s Anger Management
2:00 PM Substance Abuse Early Intervention
3:30 PM Distric Court Orientation
4:30 PM Domestic Violence
6:00 PM Domestic Violence
Wednesday 10:30 AM Co-Occuring Disorder – Education
12:00 PM Women’s TREM
1:30 PM Men’s Trauma
4:30 PM Midstate Opiate Specific Outpatient
Thursday 10:00 AM Substance Abuse
12:30 PM Women’s Substance
2:45 Co-Ocurring group
12:00 PM Domestic Violence (Orientation) (4th Thursday of the Month)
4:00 PM Substance Abuse – Pretreatment
4:00 PM Domestic Violence (Orientation) (2nd Thursday of the Month)
6:00 PM Substance Abuse
7:30 PM Substance Abuse
Held at 1835 Treanor 8:00 AM Substance Abuse (Parole Only)
10:00 AM Substance Abuse (Parole Only)
11:30 AM Substance Abuse (Parole Only)
1:00 PM Substance Abuse Orientation ( Parole Only)
Friday 9:00 AM Recovery Group with Coaches
  10:30 AM Substance Abuse
  12:30 PM Probation Orientation and Domestic Violence Orientation
2:30 PM Women’s Trauma Group
Saturday 11:00 AM Substance Abuse

Mt. Pleasant Classes (204 Court)

Monday 3:00 PM Women’s Substance Abuse
5:00 PM Substance Abuse
6:30 Domestic Violence Group

Midland Classes (5914 Eastman Ave)

Wednesday 8:30 AM Substance Abuse
10:30 Women’s Substance Abuse
12:00 PM Substance Abuse Orientation ( Probation and Parole)
4:00 PM Domestic Violence
5:30 PM Substance Abuse
2:00 PM Batters in Transaction Orientation – first Wednesday of the Month

Monday-Thursday: 8am to 8pm
Friday:8am to 5pm
Saturday: By Appointment

Additionally, a 24-hour answering service is available seven days per week to respond to emergencies.


2100 Hemmeter Road
Saginaw, MI 48603
Phone (989) 799-2100
Fax (989) 799-2637

615 S. Euclid
Bay City, MI 48706
Phone (989) 439-1513
Fax (989) 439-1512

1000 N. Johnson
Bay City, MI 48708