Bariatric Surgery Screening

The primary function of a Bariatric Surgery Screening Psychological Evaluation is to determine the presence of any psychiatric conditions that would impair the client’s ability to handle the surgery. Clients are assessed with regard to symptoms of depression, anxiety, mania, psychosis, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, history of abuse, family history of mental health issues, and any treatment experiences. In addition, a Mini-Mental Status Examination is completed.

Objective psychological testing is a valuable tool that provides critical information to complement the subjective data collected during the clinical interview. Before completing the tests, clients are encouraged to answer the items in an honest and straightforward manner. In an attempt to reduce some of their apprehension, clients are informed that this is not a “pass/fail” test or one that by itself would stop them from having the surgery. Getting valid results is the challenge with this client group, as is true whenever mental health evaluations are used for decision making.

When all this information has been obtained and scored, it is summarized in a brief report for the surgeon. Contained in this report are summaries of the client’s background and history, current and past psychiatric issues, testing results, and conclusions and recommendations. A variety of outcomes are possible with the psychological assessment.


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